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Alfredo's Bar, the place with the one thing most can agree on

Alfredo's Bar on Ashland
Alfredo's Bar on Ashland

Before entering Alfredo’s Bar you may pause before going in. The windows are mostly blacked out, requiring some effort, if not height, to look through the clear section of glass and survey the establishment. This allows one to question what awaits beyond the door and if it’s your kind of joint.

Alfredo's Bar on Ashland
Dean Pappas

Once inside it won’t take you too long to answer that question.

To the right is the red and black bar complimented with red and black upholstered stools and chairs. Model ships are displayed over the bar. The bar is relatively dark, the ceiling sags in the middle, the tile floor is worn, and the paneled walls are covered with enough posters, tin and plastic signs of voluptuous women, mostly promoting MGD, Miller Lite, and Corona, to rival any college dorm room.

Near the entrance is an electronic dart machine. In the rear is a well-lit pool table. The juke box has mostly Mexican artists with a few non-Hispanic discs like CCR, The Doors, and Michael Jackson. Poker machines may be added if the law allows in 2010. There are two 27 inch televisions for viewing sports, most likely soccer, if a Chicago Fire sign on the wall is any indication.

There are taps behind the beer without levers; they aren’t operational. No tap beer, but domestic bottles are $2.75 and imports are $4.00. Well drinks are $3.00, but add another buck for a top shelf selection like Jack and Coke.

Alfredo himself was on hand to relate that the bar has been in business for seventeen years. There’s always free popcorn and peanuts, but on special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas, Alfredo’s Bar offers free tamales or chicken. And on these occasions Alfredo may crack open bottles of champaign or pass out key chains and pens.

On a Thursday night the bar was practically empty with a couple of guys shooting pool. According to Alfredo, Friday and Saturday evenings are the busy nights and the clientele is mostly local, Hispanic and in the restaurant business.

This is a bar that caters to a specific demographic. But no matter who you are, there is one thing that stands out that everyone can appreciate; the beer is exceptionally cold. We’re talking the kind of cold that beer commercials portray. Whether this is a standard occurrence at Alfredo’s Bar is something that would require further investigation.

Iraq? Healthcare? Leno or Conan? All tough issues. But cold beer? That’s something we all can agree on.

Alfredo's Bar Inc
826 N Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
6PM.- 2AM Sunday through Friday
6PM - 3AM Saturday


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