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Alfred Wright: Jasper, TX, murder timeline

crime case

Alfred 'Alfie' Wright-Jasper, TX case: International Business Times is reporting today that the Justice Department is taking over the case of murdered a physical therapist in Jasper, TX.

According to family members, Alfred Wright aka Alfred Nehemiah Wright, 28, went missing and was later found murdered in November 2013.

The married father of three was awaiting an embezzlement trial at the time of his death.

Case overview

Alfred Nehemiah Wright was a 28-year-old African American married father of three. Wright, a physical therapist, went missing in 2013 while on his way to see a patient.

He was found murdered in Texas almost three weeks later.

A murder timeline in the case of Alfred Wright


  • Three weeks before Alfred Wright's disappearance a Black male's truck is bumped as he drives along Highway 87 near the CL&M Package Store. When he gets out to investigate, he is assaulted by two White males.

Tuesday, November 5

  • Alfred Wright is having problems with his truck. He believes it is the alternator.
  • He calls his mother to pick him up. She arrives a short time later.

Thursday, November 7

  • Alfred Wright is going to see a patient. His car begins to 'run hot.'
  • Alfred Wright calls his wife to tell her that his car is having trouble and to pick him up at a location near Hemphill, TX, in Sabine County. Wright makes the call from his cell phone at CL&M Liquor Store located on Highway 87 in Sabine County.
  • His wife, Lauren Bush Wright, is unable to come to the location and asks his parents Douglas Wright and Rosalind Wright to meet him there.
  • A CL&M store clerk claims to see Alfred Wright get out of his truck and place his cell phone in his pocket. Another report states the clerk saw the victim put his cell phone in his sock, before running as if his truck was about to "blow up."
  • The same clerk also claims to see Wright running in the direction of town, according to KSLA.
  • Officer David West is at the CL&M store and claims to see Alfred Wright at 6:05 p.m.
  • Lauren Wright calls her husband back but hears heavy breathing on the phone. Lauren Wright tells police that she believes that her husband was having some sort of respiratory distress.
  • Douglas and Rosalind Wright find the truck but see no sign of their son.
  • A missing person's report for Alfred Wright is filed.
  • Sabine County Police begin the search for the missing physical therapist.

Sunday, November 10

  • The police find articles of clothing belonging to Alfred Wright in a field in an area near Coussons Road: watch, shirt, keys, pants and identification.
  • The watch is broken. The shirt is found along a barb-wire fence.
  • Note: this location is in the opposite direction from where the clerk sees him last.

November 11

  • According to KHOU, Sabine County Police end the search for Alfred Wright. The search ends after three days.

November 25

  • Alfred Wright's family and other volunteers decide to search for the missing man on their own.

November 23-25

  • The family organizes a volunteer search, according to a Facebook page dedicated to Alfred Wright.
  • Family members and volunteers find Wright's body in a remote field off of Coussons Drive---an area not from where the initial search was conducted weeks earlier---and just a little over a mile from where Wright's trucked was found, according to CNN.
  • Douglas Wright waits with his son's dead body until police arrive at the crime scene.

The Condition Of The Body

  • Alfred Wright is found lying face down.
  • He is found wearing only a pair of black boxer shorts, one sock and a pair of shoes.
  • There is a silver dime on top of the ground near the body.
  • The victim's tongue is missing.
  • The victim's eyes are gouged out.
  • Some of the victim's teeth are missing.
  • One of the victim's ears is missing.
  • The police believe this is due to animal activity and not foul play.

Monday, November 25 cont'd

  • The Sabine County Sheriff's office turns the murder case over to the Texas Rangers.
  • The Texas Rangers ask for assistance from the Federal Bureau Of Investigations. (FBI)

Saturday, November 30

  • Alfred 'Alfie' Wright's funeral-memorial service is held at The Wesley Center at First United Methodist Church at 11:00 a.m. (address: 329 North Bowie Jasper, TX)
  • Alfie Wright is laid to rest at Jasper City Cemetery, according to obituary information provided by 12 News.

December 2

  • A preliminary autopsy concludes that Alfred Nehemiah Wright died an accidental death caused by drug overdose.
  • The autopsy also concludes that his death showed no "signs of trauma," and that the body was in "good condition."
  • A second, private autopsy is conducted on the body of Alfred Wright. The second autopsy finding indicate the death is a homicide.



  • The Alfred Nehemiah Wright murder case is turned over to Eric Holder's office at the Department Of Justice.

February 20-21

  • Rallies are being held in the town of Jasper. KLTV reports that tensions are heating up as African American members of the community fight for justice in the murder of Alfred Wright.

Extra note: This case has an added layer of tension. Read up on the dragging death murder case involving James Byrd Jr.

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