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Alfie Kohn to visit parents and teachers at Occidental College April 15, 2010

Mr.Alfie Kohn
Mr.Alfie Kohn
Courtesy of Alfie Kohn

A consortium of schools embracing progressive education in one form or another from Pasadena and the San Fernando Valley area have come together to sponsor the educational speaker and critic, Alfie Kohn. The group of schools includes: Aveson Charter School, Children’s Community School, Odyssey Charter School, Pacific Oak’s Children School, Sequoyah School, Walden School, and Waverly School. The education department at Occidental College is also hosting the event.

Time magazine has referred to Kohn as “perhaps the country’s most outspoken critic of education’s fixation on grades and test scores.” Kohn will address both parents and educators about “The Schools Our Children Deserve: Moving Beyond Traditional Classrooms and ‘Tougher Standards’”.

Advocates state that:

“Knowledge of how children learn –and how schools can help- has come a long way in the last few decades. Unfortunately, most schools have not: They’re still more about memorizing facts and practicing isolated skills than understanding ideas from the inside-out; they still exclude students from any meaningful decision-making role; and they still rely on grades, tests, homework, lectures, worksheets, competition, punishments, and rewards. Alfie explores the alternatives to each of these conventional practices, explaining why progressive education isn’t just a realistic alternative but one that’s far more likely to help kids become critical thinkers and lifelong learners.”

Mr. Kohn will speak to parents and educators at Occidental College on April 15th at 7:00 pm in Thorne Hall to a limited audience. The event is free but requires reservations. As of this writing, seats for the general public are no longer available. To place yourself on a wait list contact People may also stand in line the day of the event and if there are empty seats due to “no shows” may be invited to come in. There are no guarantees, however.

On the positive side, there is a lecture entitled “Performance vs. Learning” for teachers at 4:30 pm on the same day at the same location. For more info, contact and send numbers and names of teachers from your school.

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Thank you to Ms. Christena Barnes from the Walden School for the informative flyer.



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