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Alexis Davis' good looks, brash nature overshadows UFC 175 fight vs Ronda Rousey

According to a July 1 post from Bleacher Report, fast-rising Canadian superstar Alexis Davis (16-5) takes on UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey (9-0) in the co-main of UFC 175 in Las Vegas this weekend. Davis, 29, says she heading into UFC 175 with better wrestling and a stronger BJJ base than she ever had before, but she has also gotten stronger on the mic.

Ronda Rousey fights Alexis Davis at UFC 175
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Davis admits her lack of drama in the past may have cost her a shot at the title sooner in her UFC career, so she has worked hard to shore up her media skills. In the lead-up to UFC 175, Davis has excelled at grabbing headlines by spitting some majestic game of her own. The angle she seems to have taken in her new approach was to criticize Rousey for being a trash-talker, which in itself can be viewed as talking trash.

In the middle of May, Davis told FOX Sports that karma is going to catch up to Rousey for all the trash she talks. Does that count as a bit of trash-talking on Davis' part? Absolutely. For the most part, Rousey has been respectful of Davis, opting out of the smack-talk game due to her admiration for the BJJ ace's skillset. Rousey, 27, says Davis is a very worthy opponent who is extremely dangerous on the ground.

Besides Rousey's real-life feud with Miesha Tate, she has been a humble, respectful champion who rarely starts drama. She hasn't talked trash on anyone she ever fought, besides Tate. As for Davis, her new-found skills on the mic is exactly what the women's bantamweight division needs. It's not good enough anymore to just fight and skip out on media obligations, because there are so many fighters now trying to stand out from the pack.

In order to sell these days, fighters need more than just great skill. Fans are looking for fighters who have identifiable personalities, along with high-level skills inside the cage. Sure its true that Davis has a long ways to go before she'll be at the level of a Chael Sonnen in terms of skills on the mic, but she deserves props for learning the art of becoming a media darling.

Besides her shocking new skills on the mic, Davis has been receiving plenty of attention for her good looks since signing to the UFC. At this time last year, BSO Online asked fight fans the question if Davis is "hotter" than Rousey. The results were mixed, but its clear Davis has a marketable appearance and a bright future as a brand ambassador for any number of potential sponsors.

Hopefully, fight fans will be able to put her model-esque good looks aside for UFC 175, because the ladies fight just as hard as their male counterparts. Come for the looks, but stay for the skill. Besides Rousey vs. Davis, UFC 175 features a title fight pitting Chris Weidman against Lyoto Machida. Urijah Faber battles Alex Caceres in the headliner of the UFC 175 prelims.

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