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Alexis Carra chats about ABC's new romantic comedy series 'Mixology'

ABC wants you to make a date with Mixology, its new series about a group of singles who find themselves in the same bar on the same evening. One of them is Jessica, the single mother played by Alexis Carra. BFTV recently spoke with Alexis to get the scoop on Mixology and where on the network you've seen her before.

Alexis Carra stars as Jessica in the new ABC comedy series 'Mixology,' premiering tonight.

"It is really a romantic comedy with a twist," she said. "It's about ten singles that end up in a bar. Some of us come alone and some of us come with our friends. The series is about the mixing and mingling, and it's a question of who ends up with who, and what each character learns about themselves. It takes place in one night, and each character has flashbacks, so the audience learns how they came to be [there]."

"We've shot everything," she added. "I definitely am forbidden to share any kind of pairings, but I will say I think episode three is one of my favorite episodes, and where the audience will get to see the heart of the show and the characters."

Since the show is about socializing, it's a given that you have to find a cast with chemistry. How did the Mixology ensemble gel? "The cast definitely got really, really close quickly," said Alexis. "A lot of us, it was our first series and we're all pretty much the same age. We all got together right before the pilot shot and went out.

"But what's funny is that because we shot pretty much in block shoots - we would take care of one whole character's storyline in one or two days - we weren't on set together very much until the end. But we all stayed pretty connected, because we had a once-a-week table read."

"With every single character, every week we were like 'What's going to happen?'" she told us. "Every single person, every single character, has that element to [them]."

Eagle-eyed loyal viewers of ABC might notice that Alexis looks familiar, as she previously visited one of the network's flagship shows. "One of my favorite things [was], I did a one-episode guest star [part] on Grey's Anatomy, and that was just one of the best experiences I had. Working with Kevin McKidd, he's so generous and such a pro. My scenes were really only with him. It was a cool character who ended up playing a pivotal role in his marriage on the show. I was really happy with how that turned out and our on-screen chemistry."

"That Grey's Anatomy shoot, that was a three-day shoot and that was like a dream, because Kevin is one of the most gracious, kind, incredible people to work with. I was just in awe of his work," she continued. "Probably the other [favorite] thing is I was finally able to do the show Chicago. I got to do it at the Hollywood Bowl. I was in the ensemble, but being able to dance on that stage and be at the Bowl was so fun and such a cool experience."

Off-screen, Alexis makes a concerted effort to be part of a number of charitable organizations. As we spoke, she was preparing for V-Day, an event to "rise up against violence against women and children," she told us. "I also work with some other nonprofits in Los Angeles. A very dear friend of mine and fellow actress, Brianna Brown, founded a group called The New Hollywood Women's Goal Group ( We support women realizing their goals and their dreams, professionally, spiritually, whatever that is. That's a big part of what I do. I'm starting to create a relationship with UNICEF. I think now what I'm excited about is having more opportunity for outreach."

As a regular on a TV series, Alexis's profile is definitely rising. While we don't yet know if her character Jessica will find what she's looking for, it's a safe bet to say that Alexis will find success both on and off camera in the near future.

Mixology premieres tonight at 9:30 PM ET/PT on ABC, but you can also watch the first two episodes online now at For more on Alexis, you can follow her on Twitter (@AlexisCarra).

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