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Alexandria, Virginia tops Amazon's "Well Read" city list

Alexandria, Virginia
Alexandria, Virginia
Bob Ecker

Yesterday, announced the results of United States’ “well-read city” rankings by compiling its sales data on all book, magazine and newspaper sales, in both print and Kindle format, from June 1, 2012 until the present. The numbers were based on a per capita basis for cities with a minimum population of 100,000.

For the second year in a row, Alexandria, Virginia tops the list. Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl was the most popular novel purchased in Alexandria followed by the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Go figure.

Here are Amazon’s top 20 “well-read” cities.

1. Alexandria, Virginia
2. Knoxville, Tennessee
3. Miami, Florida
4. Cambridge, Massachusetts
5. Orlando, Florida
6. Ann Arbor, Michigan
7. Berkeley, California
8. Cincinnati, Ohio
9. Columbia, South Carolina
10. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
11. St. Louis, Missouri
12. Salt Lake City, Utah
13. Seattle, Washington
14. Vancouver, Washington.
15. Gainesville, Florida
16. Atlanta, Georgia
17. Dayton, Ohio
18. Richmond, Virginia
19. Clearwater, Florida
20. Tallahassee, Florida

Congratulations Alexandria, now you have much more to be proud of than being the place where Jim Morrison graduated high school and the city where the first Civil War soldier died. It's actually a very cool place.

c. Bob Ecker 2013