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Alexandria Fransa Chery: Missing 16-year-old girl, Deputies Makes Arrest

Missing 16-year-old girl
Missing 16-year-old girl

An Orlando teen went missing from her home at Hawthorne Grove Apartments in Orlando FL near old Winter Garden Road and Good Homes Road. Alexandria Fransa Chery, 16 was last seen approximately 7a.m. on Monday by her mother before leaving home for work.

According to deputies, Chery’s mother said her daughter was asleep in bed when she left home, but after returning from work her daughter was nowhere to be found. The mother checked her room and noticed clothing missing from her daughter’s closet, a wet spot on the floor, a pair of wet men underwear under the bed, and a strong odor that smelled like bleach.

The mother also noticed blood on the foot of a teddy bear that was sitting on her daughter’s bed as well as spatters of blood around the apartment. On Wednesday, authorities arrested the mother’s longtime boyfriend Sanel Saintsimon in the case of the missing 16-year-old for giving false information to law enforcement during an investigation and for attempting to destroy evidence.

According to authorities, Saintsimon works at Boston Market on the corner of Kirkman Road and Conroy Road in Orlando FL, but left work on Monday approximately 9:30 a.m. the day the teen went missing. Saintsimon could not give a clear explanation as to why he left work and where he went.

According to deputies, at one time or another, Chery may have been in a black Pontiac that was found in Pine Hills. The vehicle has been seized and is being processed for evidence. Orange County Sheriff Jerry Deming’s said at a news conference on Wednesday that Alexandria’s disappearance is considered “extremely suspicious.”

He continued by saying “Obviously the worst case scenario is that this individual could have been seriously injured.” The community is pleading for the safe return of Alexandria and deputies are hoping that anyone with information on the teen’s whereabouts will come forward or contact the sheriff’s department or crime line at 407-423-8477.

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