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Alexandria Chery: Uncle says body found is hers, accuses mom's boyfriend

Sanel SaintSimon has been charged with lying to investigators and destruction of evidence in the case of missing Orlando teen Alexandria Chery. SaintSimon, who is the teen's mother's longtime boyfriend, is the chief suspect in Chery's disappearance.
Orange County Sheriff's Office

The family of Alexandria Chery has been told that the chances of the body found Friday decomposing in a wooded area near a search site of the missing 16-year-old are nearly 100 percent, according to the teen's family. The Ledger reported August 3 that the missing teen's family had been told that there was a "98 percent chance" that the body found near the Osceola-Polk county line in central Florida was that of their loved one. Chery's stepfather, Sanel Saint Simon, has been arrested and charged in her disappearance

As of Saturday night there had been no positive identification of the remains. The Orange County Sheriff's Office released a statement noting that they were working in cooperation with the medical examiner to "seek the identity of the recovered body of a female. An autopsy was conducted, and the results have not yet yielded a positive identification."

But Alexandria Chery's uncle, Ray Joseph, says that a detective in the investigation called and told the family that there was a "98 percent chance" that the remains found Friday were those of his neice.

According to WKMG in Orlando, a female body was recovered less than two miles from a search site investigators had been working. Landscapers working in the area along the Osceola-Polk county line had discovered the remains near a sidewalk and notified authorites.

Authorities had been searching the area nearby due to locational pings recorded from Alexandria Chery's cell phone.

Even before the female remains were recovered, her uncle, Ray Joseph, had been outspoken with regard to the girl's mother's boyfriend, Sanel SaintSimon. He had told reporters during a march for his neice on July 31 that Alexandria had at one time accused SaintSimon of touching her "inappropriately."

“There was allegations before this happened that he might have touched her inappropriately,” Joseph said at the time, according to the Orlando Sentinel (per Hollywood Life). “She mentioned that to a classmate and my younger niece. It just never got to this far right now. I never liked him.”

Sanel SaintSimon was arrested and charged with lying to investigators about the investigation and destruction of evidence. He is currently being held at the Orange County Jail. Although named as the chief suspect in the case, he has not been charged with Alexandria Chery's disappearance.

The teen was last seen on July 28 at her home at Hawthorne Grove Apartments in Orlando.

Alexandria's mother, Rosalie Joseph, became concerned when her daughter didn't return her cell phone calls throughout the day on July 28 after she said she was staying home because she didn't feel well. Joseph became alarmed when she got home from work that evening and found her daughter gone, her room "completely different than when [the mother] left in the morning," according to a complaint document (per the Orlando Sentinel). The sheets and covers from her daughter's bed and some of her personal belongings were missing. Blood splatter was found in different spots throughout the room, in the hallway, and in the bathroom. The mother also found a pair of men's underwear under her daughter's bed that reeked of bleach.

Police believe an act of violence occurred in the home and Sanel SaintSimon attempted to rid the house of evidence, using bleach to clean up the blood. Orange County Sheriff's Office investigators found SaintSimon to be "untruthful" when he said he had worked the entire day, when he actually clocked out early. He also had gotten his uncle to lie to police about borrowing a black vehicle from him. The vehicle had been recovered and is being processed by investigators.

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