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Alexandria Chery-Sanel Saint Simon: Florida teen found murdered in Orlando

Teen Alexandria Fransa Chery, aka Alexandria Chery, was found dead in a wooded area of Florida
Teen Alexandria Fransa Chery, aka Alexandria Chery, was found dead in a wooded area of Florida

Alexandria Chery's family paid their respects in a service held at Kingdom Church in Orlando on Monday evening, WFTV-Orlando is reporting today. Alexandria Chery, aka Alexandria Fransa Chery, was found dead just days ago after she had been reported missing. The boyfriend of Alexandria Chery's mother is currently in custody.

Alexandria Chery was discovered missing last week. According to Orange County Sheriff's deputies, Chery was reported missing by her mother. Alexandria Chery was last seen at around 7 a.m. in her Hawthorne Grove Apartment located at 204 Hawthorne Groves Blvd in Orlando on Monday, July 28, 2014. When investigators arrived at the scene they found some disturbing details, Alexandra Chery's room had been cleaned, a pair of men's underwear were found on her bed and blood on a teddy bear.

An Amber alert was activated after Chery went missing from her home. Friends and family members knew immediately that Alexandria Chery was not a runaway but was in danger.The missing Florida teen's friends and family quickly began looking for her. Police were directed to the mother's boyfriend almost immediately: "I never got along with him, I never trusted him,” Alexandria Chery's uncle Ray Joseph told News-13.

The boyfriend has been identified as 43-year-old Sanel Saint Simon. Police originally arrested him and charged him with lying and destroying evidence. Those charges have been upgraded to felony obstruction of a criminal investigation, according to Hollywood Life. Sanel Saint Simon is suspected of trying to clean the teen's bedroom of blood.

The Orange County Sheriff's investigators organized a search for Alexandria Chery between Orange and Polk counties. Sanel Saint Simon's bond has been increased to $500,000. Alexandria Chery was a beautiful teenager who was admired by many. Her community and her schoolmates are outraged by her senseless murder. Her story has also touched the hearts of many in the public who didn't personally know the teen.: "Her story really touched me to know that a man who was suppose to be a father figure would do those things to her...we have to really know who we date!!! We have to protect our children!!!," stated a Facebook commenter. An Alexandria Chery Facebook page was created to bring awareness to her murder.