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Alexander Zakharchenko, Prime Minister Donetsk People's Republic

Alexander Zakharchenko, Prime Minister Donetsk People's Republic
Alexander Zakharchenko, Prime Minister Donetsk People's Republic
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Alexander Zakharchenko was born in 1976 in Donetsk Ukraine SSR. Little is known of this electrical engineer who up until Thursday was the military commander of Oplot, (Dunbass Peoples Militia). On Thursday Alexander Borodai resigned as Prime Minister and said the reign of power should be handed over to an Eastern Ukrainian. Which is kind of funny because Borodai has been in Moscow since late July.

Borodai was a political consultant who worked for a Russian Nationalist Tycoon with connections to the Kremlin. Most felt Borodai was nothing more than a front for Moscow and Putin in general.

Zakharchenko is a radical from Donetsk who says he brings with him hundreds of troops and captured heavy armor from the Ukrainian government. Zakharchenko has already told Moscow that he only wants moral support from the Russians. He like other rebels felt betrayed by the Russians when they were expecting troops and military hardware but in return have been left holding the bag.

The Ukrainian government has been making great strides in defeating the Rebels and are moving in on Donetsk. With losses looking bad for the rebels some of the their commanders have gone slinking across the Russian border with their tails between their legs. Putin has been taking a lot of grief from Russian Nationalists for not invading the Ukraine. This past week the Russians had military exercises along the Ukrainian border in a show of strength but they are now over and we must wait to see what Russia is up to next.

Prime Minister Zakharchenko has been in power since last Thursday and in that time the Ukrainian troops have been taking the fight to the rebels and beating them in most fights. He is in way over his head and unless Moscow comes across the border his time in office will be short lived.

The rebels can't win this fight by themselves. Without a miracle the rebels will have to call for a cease fire otherwise a humanitarian crisis will be coming soon to the entire region. In a couple of weeks the cold will bare down upon the region and many people will die. Putin promised the world to these people and it looks like he has left them to die or be captured. Maybe it's time for the Russian people to see their Leader for what he is.

In a couple of months the Russian people will be hungry. Without the United States and the European Union sending their food supply to Russia the citizens will be wanting someones blood, hopefully it will be Putin's. If Alexander Zakharchenko were smart he would just ask for a cease fire and make peace with the Ukrainian government before all hell breaks loose or just plain freezes over.