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Alexander Snitker's race for the Florida Senate continues to be ignored by the media


A Snitker, the national media invisible Florida Senate candidate

Here is a good example of how the media omits essential information.   Isn’t a deliberate omission considered a deception or a lie?   Those with Conservative views that rely on the Neo-Conservative media such as Fox News and Newsmax with the hope of bringing changes in November should noticed that they are not delivering the broader picture.   Or you can also visit the Washington Post and CBS to see how they all are together in this.

These media organization as they discuss the Senatorial race in Florida are not telling the truth about the number of candidates.   There are five and not four people running for the U.S. Senate seat to replace George LeMieux.  The candidates the media refers to are Marco Rubio (Republican), Charlie Chris (Independent), Kendrick Meek (Democrat), and Jeff Green (Democrat).  Absent from the list is Libertarian and ex-marine Alexander Snitker who has registered to run and his name will be on the ballot in this November election.  Where most would agree that Snitker has ways to go to win in this election such does not exclude him from being acknowledged and let voters know that they have that choice.

Although disappointing, it has come as no surprise that the media refuses to give Snitker coverage and has previously excluded him from debates. As we can see in their coverage, Alex Snitker is their Invisible Candidate. The media does not appear to support Libertarians or those with Libertarians views as we noticed when Ron Paul ran in the 2008 Presidential Elections as a Republican.  Visit this link to see if Paul truly does not represent the views of most Americans.   Many of our citizens have now come to realize that the message and warnings that Ron Paul spoke of during his campaign have come true and are today the views of most Americans.

It should come as no surprise that the national media only acknowledges those who are the favorite of those who own them and not that of someone who has not previously sold his soul to the establishment. The favoritism goes beyond the national media as even Rasmussen refuses to include Snitker name in its polls. The sentiment of many Americans as they have lost faith in their political system is to vote against the establishment as they equally blame both of our political parties for the ailments of our nation.

Many helped elect Barack Obama with the hope that our nation would change its course to match the desires and need of the people to find that there is no change as a predetermined course is already set. Those who will show up at the polls this November with that same hope will soon find out that there can be no change at the polls as long as they vote for the Media favorites on either party. Our political process is the victim to a class of elitist politicians who become heavily indebted during elections to those who really control our nation. Political election outcomes are not the will of the people but rather the influence that the media exerts on most voters views.

The media and political parties message is clear that outsiders are not welcome in and inbred political system that has genetically disintegrated with defects and corruption.


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