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Alexander Imich: Our planet's oldest man dies at the age of 111

World's Oldest Man
World's Oldest Man

Alexander Imich was 111 years old when he passed away. According to official records, Imich was our planet’s oldest male inhabitant. The supercentenarian’s Wikipedia page describes Imich as a “Polish-born chemist, parapsychologist… who was the president of the Anomalous Phenomena Research Center in New York City. Until his death at the age of 111 years 124 days, Imich was certified by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest living man.”

According to the Huffington Post, at the age of 99, Imich reflected back on his life with these words:

In my life, I have witnessed the development of flight, the automobile, electrification of nations, the telephone, the radio and television, atomic energy, the wonders of bio-scientific medicine, computer technology, great advances in our knowledge of the cosmos, men walking on the moon – the list could go on and on.

The Holocaust survivor died early Sunday morning. Since 1986, Imich had been a resident at a senior citizen center in NYC. Imich counted his ripe old age to a number of factors – regular exercise, not overeating and avoiding alcohol. He also said that not having children helped him stay “young.”

According to UPI, Imich was “born in Czestochowa in southern Poland. After being rejected as a Navy officer, which he attributed to anti-Semitism, he became a chemist.”

He later went on to dabble in parapsychology, before ending up in a labor camp during World War II. Along with his wife Wela, Imich later moved to Samarkand (at the time Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic), before returning to Poland after the war. The couple then headed to the United States in the early 50s.

Imich was asked in April of this year about his feelings on being our world's oldest man, Imich responded, "Not like it's the Nobel Prize."

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