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Alexander Borodai: Prime Minister Of Donetsk People's Republic

Alexander Borodai: Prime Minister Of Donetsk People's Republic
Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Alexander Borodai was born in 1972 in Moscow. He is a Russian National and he lives in Moscow but when you really look to see what this man is all about you come up with very little. We know he graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in Philosophy. In the 1990's he helped edit a Russian far right Ultra-Nationalist newspaper called Zavtra. The paper was run by Alexander Prokhanov.

It was in December 2011 that Borodai and Prokhanov co founded Den TV. This was a patriotic web TV channel. Borodai has called himself a professional consultant with expertise in ethnic conflict. If you simply look at his career you would come away thinking that he is nothing more than a patriotic flag waving pitchman. He has really done nothing more than cry out for the Russian call to arms.

When the Ukrainian conflict began to take place he felt the call to come to the aid of those Russian speaking individuals in the Crimea who were being terrorized by the Ukrainian government. Somehow he made his way to work as an adviser to the appointed Crimea governor Sergei Aksyonov. He has claimed that he was working as a strategist during the annexation.

When this job seemed to be done he felt the need out of patriotism to come to the Eastern Ukraine. When those Russian speaking individuals of Eastern Ukraine were being terrorized by the government he had to come to their rescue.

He has been called the Karl Rove of Russian Imperialism. He claims to be just a simple citizen who just wants to help the oppressed. He has been hit with sanctions by the United States and has travel restrictions placed on him by the west.

This man who claims to be just a simple citizen is nothing more than a smooth operator. He is nothing more than a middle man for the Kremlin. How does a simple man become the self proclaimed Prime Minister not elected by the people of Eastern Ukraine? When the rebel separatists shot down the Malaysian passenger plane Borodai was elevated to the world stage. He has used the black boxes and the victims of the crash to his advantage. He has lied just as much as Putin when it comes to the crash. This gentlemen is nothing more than a danger and should not be in the position that he finds himself. When you see this man either in person or in picture you would think he was nothing more than a bum on skid row. When asked if he has ties to Putin he avoids the question. He is nothing more than a stooge for Putin and when all is said and done Putin will cut him loose rather than take the heat for the trouble in the Ukraine. He is a smug radical who has found his fifteen minutes of fame. The world sees him for the thug he is and will not bargain with him because no one can take him seriously.