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Alexa Ray Joel slams plastic surgery rumors

Alexa Ray Joel slams plastic surgery rumors.
Alexa Ray Joel slams plastic surgery rumors.

Alexa Ray Joel slams recent plastic surgery rumors. Although she may look a lot different than in the past, Christy Brinkley and Billy Joel’s daughter is denying reports that she’s had extensive face work done, the Huffington Post reported on April 3.

Alexa Ray Joel slams the rumors by saying, “I would just like to add that all of the continuously-circulating rumors that I have had extensive 'face-work' and undergone breast-augmentation surgery is simply and entirely 100% false,” Joel claims.

“The only thing I have ever had done is my nose, which I have always been completely candid, honest, and open about. Any visibly-positive alterations in terms of my public-image are an absolute and sole credit to my brilliant makeup-artist and stylist, who is a true beauty-wizard and visionary,” Alexa Ray Joel continued.

Although Joel looks very different, and her nose is the most noticeably altered thing on her body, she seems very open about her new look, and frankly, doesn’t need to explain it to anyone.

Do you think Alexa Ray Joel had more plastic surgery than she’s letting on?