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Alexa Ray Joel rips plastic surgery talk: Is well after 2009 suicide attempt

Alexa Ray Joel slams plastic-surgery rumors: Doing well after 2009 suicide attempt
Coppola, Wintrow/Getty Images

Singer Alexa Ray Joel slammed rumors that her sultry good looks are the result of numerous plastic surgeries.

Alexa Ray, the daughter of pop icon Billy Joel and supermodel Christie Brinkley, said her high cheekbones and sizzling looks are due to her recent weight loss and to artful makeup application, not to breast implants or repeated surgeries.

Joel dismissed the plastic surgery rumors in an angry Facebook plea:

"I would just like to add that all of the continuously-circulating rumors that I have had extensive 'face-work' and undergone breast-augmentation surgery is simply and entirely 100% false. I have only gotten one nose job done. That is the absolute extent of the surgeries I have had. I'm very sorry to disappoint everyone who wants to believe that I have had multiple surgeries, but that just simply isn't true.

I have lost weight simply from maturing, and I have fully contoured 'stage makeup' and hair done for my first debut show at the Carlyle Hotel in NYC. Obviously I'm going to look different. It's called 'growing up'! To the nasty bullying-bloggers who seem to get a kick out of picking apart, psychoanalyzing, and objectifying complete strangers. Why not take a long look in the mirror and worry about yourself?"

Alexa Ray has repeatedly discussed how annoyed she is to be compared to her gorgeous mom, Christie Brinkley, who showed off her sizzling swimsuit body at 61.

In 2009, Alexa Ray made headlines after taking sleep pills in an attempted suicide. Joel later revealed she was distraught after having broken up with an ex-boyfriend, musician Jimmy Riot. "When you're that depressed, you don't feel like anybody is going to understand," she said. "I was in such a dark place."

Joel overcame her depression with therapy and is now doing well. Like her rocker dad, Alexa Ray sings, writes songs, and plays the piano. She released an album, Beg You to Stay, in 2011.

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