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Alex Trebek record: 'Jeopardy' host honored for achievement

Alex Trebek has set a record for his time on "Jeopardy." The game show has been on air since 1984 with Trebek acting as host. On Friday night's show, the host had a special honor given to him during the broadcast. A representative of Guinness World Records presented Trebek with an award for the most episodes ever hosted by the same presenter. The Huffington Post reported on the achievement and shared a video of the moment on June 14.

"Jeopardy" has been on the air since 1984, and Friday night marked episode number 6,829 for the series, and Trebek has hosted every single one of those episodes. "Jeopardy" has become a staple of television programming in America. Five nights a week people can tune in and play along with the contestants. "Jeopardy" plays a huge role in today's popular culture. Celebrities and events of the day become answers for the trivia questions on the show. The series has even spawned video games where people can play for themselves and try to win.

One would think after 30 years on the air, the television series would lose some steam, but fans still tune in. They watch when contestants do really well. Earlier this year, one "Jeopardy" champion pulled viewers in with his performance. Another "Jeopardy" champ has also made news in recent weeks with her performance on the show. According to The Los Angeles Times, he has called the game show the "best of reality television." That is not all he said though.

Alex Trebek has spoken out about the honor he received from Guinness. It is quite the achievement after all. He said the following: "This is special in the fact that I've been around for a long time, and I've had the good fortune to be associated with a good program like 'Jeopardy!'"

Trebek's contract with the game show will end at the end of the 2015-2016 season. There have been reports that the host will step down at that time, but he has pushed aside those reports. He has admitted that he has "given thoughts to retiring" from the series, but thinking about it is not doing. He is 73-years-old, so it is very natural that he had thought about leaving the show behind.

As for the record, he realizes that he may not hold the record for long. Trebek spoke about Pat Sajak possibly breaking the record at some point. Sajak has acted as host for "Wheel of Fortune" for 30 years as well. Trebek said the following about Sajak, according to WLS: "The record can, could and probably will be broken by someone else."

As for Trebek, he is not the first host of "Jeopardy." He knows he will not be the last either. He fully expects the series to go on without him after he retires. "Jeopardy" did air on television for five years during the 1970s with Art Fleming. Trebek was the host when the game show was rebooted for a second run in 1984, and he has remained with the series ever since.

What do you think? Are you fan of Trebek? Do you watch the game show? Share your thoughts below.

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