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Alex Sink comes to town, two fundraisers

Alex Sink
Alex Sink

On Saturday, January 23 there will be two fundraisers at the Three Oaks Conference Center, 20991 Three Oaks Pkwy, in Estero. At 3:30 there will be a VIP reception and form 4 to 5 p.m. there will be a General Reception.

Candidate Alex Sink was kind enough to answer some questions about how she would help Southwest Floridians as governor where she displayed her keen business knowledge and concern for the average citizen.

Q & A with Candidate Alex Sink
Q: How do you feel about the struggles of the citizenry in dealing with the recent housing market collapse?

In 2009, there were over 20,000 foreclosures in Lee County alone--most of them family homes. That’s unacceptable. That is why as CFO I have made it a priority to ensure that struggling Florida homeowners can get the help they need to keep a roof over their heads. In 2009, I was able to hold 79 Florida Housing Help workshops throughout the state, to ensure Floridians can get help staying in their homes. I also initiated the Florida Attorneys Saving Homes, a collaborative effort for volunteer lawyers to provide pro bono assistance to homeowners facing foreclosure.

Q:?What suggestions do you have for dealing with its effects in the near term??

Our state is renowned as a travel and retirement destination, and these will always be key elements of our economy and image, but we need to broaden our economic base and make certain our state is not just a great place to vacation or retire but that it’s a great place to start, grow and maintain a business.

Florida has tremendous assets – a great family-friendly quality of life, unsurpassed natural beauty, a world-famous climate and an entrepreneurial spirit. But Florida’s economic performance doesn’t reflect the value of all these assets. And the politicians in Tallahassee either don’t know these assets are there or don't know how to harness them.

Q:?What hope do you offer Southwest Floridians in the future?

As governor, I will bring a new and different kind of leadership to Tallahassee. Having worked for decades in the private-sector, I understand what it takes to attract the new businesses and industries that will create high-value, high-wage jobs and bring Florida’s economy into the 21stcentury. If we look toward the future, we can diversify our state’s economy and make Florida a leader in renewable energy, biotech and other emerging industries. It is crucial that Florida’s next governor understand that while economic growth isn’t going to come from government , good government can and must help the private sector by spurring growth and then getting out of the way.

Q:?How do you feel about efforts to diversify the economy to make it less tourism and construction dependent?
We know Florida is overly reliant on tourism and growth. As a state, we must diversify our economy and attract industries in sectors of the economy where we have unique competitive advantages . Renewable energy sources, medical services, and port activity are all good examples.

Q:?Why do feel you would be the best choice for Governor?

I’m the only candidate for governor who has the kind of business-minded approach to problem-solving that this state needs right now. As CFO, I’ve shown that I know how to cut waste and improve the management of our tax dollars. As governor, I will work to ensure the foundations are put in place – the capital, the skilled workforce, the quality-of-life and clean environment, the infrastructure – so that Florida can build and attract high-value, high-growth businesses. But it’s going to take a particular kind of governor—one with a solid business background-- to make that happen. That’s what Florida needs. Floridians want a governor who will hold Tallahassee accountable for results and who will end business as usual. They won’t get that from a career politician but they will get it from me.



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