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Alex Rodriguez suspension revisited: Yankees big winners when all said and done

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Alex Rodriguez’s suspension was revisited and the Yankees come out the big winners of the decision handed down by arbitrator Fredric Horowitz. According to For the Win on Jan. 11, Alex Rodriquez will still sit out the 2014 season, but that is it, he will be back in the game for 2015.

While Rodriguez maintains he never used performance enhancing drugs and vows to take this all the way to federal court, which he very well may do, but for now he only has a year suspension and he can get back on third base for the 2015 season.

Rodriguez also continues to accuse Major League Baseball of corruption. He claims that in their pursuit to suspend him “the deck has been stacked against me since day one.”

Now for the Yankees who will lose their third baseman for a year, but they gain the $25 million for his 2014 salary they would have had to pay A-Rod. That large sum of money will help when reeling in Japanese starter Masahiro Tanaka.

They also hope that by recouping that money they stay below baseball’s luxury-tax threshold while courting Tanaka with a well-endowed salary. Rodriguez’s recouped millions gives the Yankees room to play when it comes to stacking up their team for the 2014 season.1