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Alex Marans has ANOTHER side project


Alex Marans - Drunk off one Snapple

Can one man be involved with too many bands or musical projects?  Alex Marans doens't seem to think so.  As he comes closer to finishing up his new record with Dalton M, Alex has somehow found time to work on a new collaboration with female vocalist Jesse Schulte.

The two met while attending school at SUNY purchase and hit it off almost immediately.  Alex says that they were drawn together by  " a common love of Prince and the color purple". 

"I've always wanted to do a project with a female vocalist.  We just kind of jive together so we're gonna transfer that over to the music thing and see what happens.  She's a writer/blogger and word smith extraordinaire; she just happens to sing, too!"

Alex sent The Local Music Examiner a demo-ed version of one of the duets ideas and it was very cool.  The syths are ever-present as always with Alex's work, but there are some grungey guitar sounds and sweeter than Yoo-Hoo little rock riffs all through out the song.  You are definitely going to want to hear this song when its completed.

Check back with the Local Music Examiner for the latest on this yet un-named side project and anything else Alex Marans or Dalton M related.


  • AJ3 5 years ago


    You should have a site or a link to offer local discs for sale through your articles. Even better, you could offer these discs for sale and distribute them yourself. You could even offer a snippet of selected tracks for people to hear through a link in your article. It would be a great way of exposing local artists to the public and getting their music out, you know, like a local e-version of The Cavern Club.

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