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Alex Jones' Info Wars questions if Joan Rivers was killed by Obama Illuminati

Just hours after it was announced that comedy legend Joan Rivers had died in her sleep, rumors started to circulate the circumstances surrounding her death. One controversial news source posed a question of whether President Obama and First Lady Michelle had anything to do with it.

Info Wars questions a possible Joan Rivers conspiracy

After a botched surgery during a routine procedure landed her in a hospital in New York last week, Joan Rivers, 81, passed away in her sleep with her family beside her on Thursday morning. Complications from a throat operation put Rivers into a Coma, which ultimately led to her death. After her daughter announced River's passing, social media and news outlets came out with reports, most with support and well wishes for the family of the comedy icon. Though most reports were supportive, one right-wing news outlet has rushed right into another conspiracy theory.

Alex Jones is the leading right-wing conspiracy theorists in the country. As host of Prison Planet and Info Wars, Jones pushes any conspiracy that can gain attention to his platforms. From claims that 9/11 was an inside job, to the Boston Marathon bombings being a false flag operation, the latest claim from Info Wars is yet another attack on the alleged "Illuminati."

Just after 5 p.m. EST on Thursday, Alex Jones' Info Wars Facebook page posted a video that questioned whether the Illuminati, possibly backed by President Obama, actually killed Joan Rivers. "Was Joan Rivers killed by the Illuminati for calling Obama gay and Michelle a tranny? Some people seem to think so," the Facebook status read. The link to the video takes you to the YouTube account for Prison Plant Live, another venture of Alex Jones. In the video, editor of Info Wars and Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson stated that while he didn't believe the Illuminati or the Obama administration had anything to do with the death of Rivers, he made it clear that he believed the government did have the ability to "induce heart attacks on victims of state sponsored assassination." Watson stated that wasn't a conspiracy, but rather truth. Watson pointed to a Senate hearing in 1975 that looked into illegal actions of the Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA, which found a secret dart gun that was developed that was capable of causing a heart attack.

Alex Jones, as well as Info Wars and Prison Planet have not directly stated that they believe an Obama Illuminati were behind the death of Joan Rivers, in fact the opposite, but they still continue to push the possible actions of a government staged assassination. Conspiracy theorists thrive off of this type of information, and the Facebook post itself was "LIKED" over 315 times and "SHARED" nearly 250 times in just two hours.

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