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Alex is suing producers of 'Black Ink Crew' for putting roofie in her drink

Alex is the former receptionist on VH1 reality hit "Black Ink Crew."
Alex is the former receptionist on VH1 reality hit "Black Ink Crew."
VH1 with permission

Alex the former tattoo shop receptionist from "Black Ink Crew" is now suing. According to TMZ on Jan. 14, Alex alleges that producers of the VH1 reality series spiked her drink with a roofie to make her act easy on the show.

The episode that Alex is calling into question was shot in 2012. In it, she is visibly very intoxicated and throws herself at tattoo shop owner Ceasar. Alex claims she was given a drink by producers before the scene was shot and became so impaired that she doesn't remember any of it.

Alex also claims that she spoke up during taping, telling others that she felt as if she had been slipped something. Allegedly, producers denied giving her anything and no one else saw anything unusual going on. She is also accusing producers of editing those clips to make her look bad. The entire episode had Alex so distraught that she blames that incident as her reason for quitting the show.

In addition to the suit brought on by Alex, her friend Erica (who is not a part of the show) is also suing. She alleges that the same thing happened to her while filming and between the two, they are asking for more than $1 million. It is unknown at this time if either woman has any proof or if this lawsuit will just be thrown out.