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Aleve may be easier on heart than other painkillers: study

Aleve may be better for you heart
Aleve may be better for you heart

The FDA has posted new studies and information showing that Naproxen, the main active ingredient in Aleve, may be a better option for those worried about heart attack and stroke. Aleve is now considered as having a higher heart safety rating than ibuprofen, another common painkiller.

The FDA published the new findings on January 28, 2014 after reviewing studies involving 350,000 patients last year. After reporting the findings, the FDA wishes to push labels for painkillers to change in order for those with heart conditions to make a better decision. Naproxen products would then be emphasized as being safer for those who have known conditions or are at risk to develop certain conditions.

Even while Aleve and its generic counterparts may have higher heart safety, it is worth noting that all drugs of its kind carry risks. Internal bleeding and ulcers are always an issue with this breed of painkillers and carry risks of their own.

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