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Alerts are raised regarding mailbox bombs in Westfield

No suspects in mailbox bombings
No suspects in mailbox bombings

Westfield residents are currently experiencing a scene that could have easily come from the Ashton Kutcher movie, The Butterfly Effect. The results, unfortunately, can be much more dangerous.

Fortunately, no injuries have been reported as of yet. At the same time, no suspects are currently in custody.

Dwight Watkins is just one of the residents to fall victim to this harmful prank. Watkins keeps the remnants of his mailbox. Watkins reported that, after thinking kids merely used a baseball bat or something similar, he carried his mailbox into the garage only to witness a soda bottle roll out of the mailbox and emit black liquid. Four other residents also had their mailboxes explode.

Westfield Police Department report that the devices placed in mailboxes are either made from a "high pressure device" or a bottle bomb that was made with household drain cleaner.

The Internet, which provides a wealth of helpful information is also a tool for damaging information, such as, how to make a bottle bomb.

While one mailbox has been removed, another mailbox can be seen with its metal torn apart and the back of the mailbox blown out. The ground beneath displays dried remnants of the chemicals the vandals used to make the explosion.

While this is something easily found online, police wish to provide the strong warning that creating these devices are also highly dangerous with the chemical reaction causing severe burns to the body.

On May 17, 1963, in Ottowa, Ontario, Sergeant Major Walter Leja was severely wounded after a mailbox exploded in his hands.

In 2002, Luke John Helder earned notoriety as the Midwest Pipe Bomber as he tried to gain media attention to spread a message denouncing government control over peoples' daily lives. He also wanted to gain attention for the illegality of marijuana and promote astral projection as a way to reach a higher level of consciousness.

This act is a misdemeanor for the first offense for setting off a high-pressure device. It is a felony for the second offense.


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