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ALERT-Ruger to allow all semi-auto's to drop off of California list

Ruger is to allow all semi-automatic handguns to drop off of the California approved list by mid year. Due to constant improvements to products Ruger will allow all semi-automatic handguns to drop off the California approved list.

Apparently, some will disappear in January, with the majority gone by the end of May 2014. It is therefore important that if you are interested in purchasing a Mk3 or other Ruger semi-auto you will need to buy it in the next few months.

This decision by Ruger is simply an example of how the Democrats in power in California are driving more and more gun manufacturers out of the market. There are many manufacturers who have similar issues with the stupidity of California legislation which requires a manufacturer to resubmit for inclusion on the approved list (at the expense of thousands of dollars and around $200 per gun per year to stay on the list), even if the only change in the firearm was a change of color from a black gun to a pink gun at the behest of women shooters. This law is the most asinine example of the stupidity and ignorance of California legislators led by Diane Fienstein, Barbara Boxer and Kamela Harris.

Many of the manufacturers at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas were showing a myriad of guns with essentially the only difference being the color of the metal, or the style of the texture, I.E. blued vs glass beaded, stainless, chromed or other cosmetic difference, each providing individuality and with every change requiring another test by California and an additional fee to get on the list, running into thousands of dollars for each cosmetic change.

In Ruger's case they have for example several different barrels styles and lengths of Mk3's, each which requires the additional fee, even though there is no REAL functionality change between models.

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