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Alert, recently rescued dog helps police capture burglar

Squid the hero dog
Squid the hero dog
Screen shot via the Daily Caller

According to Sunday's publication of the Daily Caller, a dog who was adopted from a rescue agency earlier this year helped his Boulder, Colo., family thwart two burglars last week.

The heroic weimaraner-pointer mix, named "Squid," heard something amiss in the early morning hours last Wednesday. Squid's guardian, Tina Fuller, told the Daily Caller that Squid is typically a heavy sleeper, but on this night, he was not only awake, but barking and growling at something outside.

Fuller's first instinct was to tell Squid to be quiet and go back to sleep, but she peeked through a window and learned what was upsetting her dog so much...two burglars, dressed in black and prowling around her cars. Squid's ability to wake his guardian, along with a quick phone call to the authorities, allowed the police to respond to the home in time to apprehend one of the suspected burglars, identified as 23-year-old Thomas Frampton.

According to CBS Denver, several stolen items were found inside of Frampton's backpack; because of Squid's vigilance, Fuller recovered what Frampton is believed to have stolen out of her vehicle.

Boulder Police Department spokesperson, Kim Kobel, commended Squid's efforts:

“Squid did a good thing. He helped us catch a bad guy."

She added:

It’s possible that (the suspects) might also be connected to some other burglaries in that area,”

Squid had come a long way from his former life - before being adopted from the rescue agency, Farfel's Farm, he lived a solitary life on a chain. His new guardians told the Daily Caller that he has blossomed since the day that he joined their family; Fuller told the Daily Caller:

Now he's bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and just full of love and ready to jump in your lap at any moment,"

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