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Aleister Crowley’s influence on Taylor Momsen and 311

Aleister Crowley’s influence on Taylor Momsen and 311
Aleister Crowley’s influence on Taylor Momsen and 311
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Having written much about Aleister Crowley and his influence upon pop-occulture, we will, herein, continue considering personage who have looked to the to mega therion / the great beast for inspiration. Find our previous articles on Crowley here—which range from L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology to Damien Echols (of the West Memphis Three-WM3 murders infamy) and much, much more.


Taylor Momsen, of the TV show Gossip Girl and the band Pretty Reckless is regularly seen wearing a t-shirt with Aleister Crowley’s face on it.

She also wears shirts with satanic imagery such as upside down pentagrams, upside down crosses, 666, one which states, “I F*** FOR SATAN,” another which states, “EAT LDS, PRAY TO SATAN, LOVE NO ONE.”

She also appears in the video for the song “Going to Hell” looking like some sort of zombie Eve holding an apple aloft (even though the Bible does not state that the forbidden fruit was an apple).

And this is just scratching the surface. You can view a series of Taylor Momsen occult related photos here.


“311” is the name of the band which goes by “three, eleven” and not, for example, “three hundred eleven,” nor “thirty one, one,” etc.

Three elevens make 33 which is an important occult number.

They often sing of occult topics and display symbolism accordingly (in videos and album covers).

In the song Offbeat Bare-A**, they sign Crowley (in)famous motto “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”

Bassist Aaron “P-Nut” Wills often expresses anti-Christian sentiments such as wearing a shirt that states, “Christianity is Stupid” (would he dare wear one stating “Islam is Stupid” or a reference to any other faith?).

He also has Crowley’s motto tattooed upon his body under a tattoo of the Egyptian false god Horus.

He also has an all seeing eye of Horus/Ra within a triangle tattoo including the unicursal hexagram, the unicursal pentagram and the inverted pentacle (pentagram within a circle).


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