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Aleister Crowley’s influence on Merciful Fate and Rotting Christ

Aleister Crowley’s influence on Merciful Fate and Rotting Christ
Fair use, to illustrate article's context.

Having written much about Aleister Crowley and his influence upon pop-occulture, we will, herein, continue considering personage who have looked to the to mega therion / the great beast for inspiration. Find our previous articles on Crowley here—which range from L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology to Damien Echols (of the West Memphis Three-WM3 murders infamy) and much, much more.

The following is translated from Paolo Baroni’s Italian site, “Tutti Pazzi Per Crowley [Something about Crowley],” Centro Sangiorgio, December 27, 2013 AD.


“Merciful Fate is a Danish heavy metal band founded in the late '70s…Their leader was King Diamond in the 80s…best known for his irreverent and provocative behavior…

In 1984 this band Has released Don't Break the Oath (Roadrunner Records), an album that includes the song The Oath.

In this piece, a satanic oath in which they reject the baptismal promises, echoes the motto of Aleister Crowley.”

Imagine a song in which the Lord’s Prayer / the Our Father is recited and you get the idea; the song contains an oath of turning one’s self over to satan.


“Rotting Christ are a black metal band formed in Athens, Greece, in 1987. …Its name literally means ‘rotten Christ’ (corrupt, and therefore not risen)….most of Their songs ooze Satanism from every pore.

For this reason, in May of 2005, Dave Mustaine, frontman for Megadeth, who became a Christian (in 2002), he refused to perform live with…Sakis ‘Necromayhem’ Tolis, lead singer of Rotting Christ.”

Dave Mustaine has stated that he does not mind performing alongside of bands that have a dark content to their lyrics but that satanic bands is a different issue. Here is a report: “Rotting Christ Mainman Feels 'Sorry' For Megadeth's Dave Mustaine,” Blabber Mouth, February 4, 2007 AD:

“…MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine forced Greece's ROTTING CHRIST off a 2005 Athens gig, later saying he didn't want to play with ‘full-on’ Satanic band since being ‘saved’ in 2002. He further spouted off on MEGADETH's web site that ‘No one knows for sure what [ROTTING CHRIST's] intent or content is, I know I am not going to say they are [Satanic]’…

More than anything, this confounded ROTTING CHRIST leader Sakis Tolis.

‘I did not expect something like that from Dave Mustaine, because, you know, he's supposed to be metal - you know, 'metal band,' all metal,’ said Tolis. ‘I just feel sorry for him and for every new Christian with new ideas, because we think Christianity is the worst thing to happen in human history. This is a well-organized trick in order to control society, I know when I see someone that's very much Christian, that's full of the system, I feel very sorry for him because he's not free. And of course, if you are a Christian who believes somewhere, I do not care. It's up to you to believe anywhere you want, but if you want to push your opinion to the others, then I have to feel sorry about you.’”

Back to Baroni’s article:

“Already in 1999 Rotting Christ were accused of being anti-Catholic because of certain statements blasphemous. To these accusations, Tolis replied in these terms:

‘Living in these (so-called) democratic societies, I think everyone has the right to call religions as he wishes. In fact, we think that (the Christians) are ‘rotten’! We are not a band on a type of ‘satanic crusade,’ but one of many groups that represent the dark side in metal music today.”

Their 2013 AD album is titled, KATA TON DAIMONA EAYTOY. Interestingly, Google Translate reads it as “ΚΑΤΆ ΤΟΝ ΔΑΊΜΟΝΑ ΕΑΥΤΟΎ” and translates it from Greek, “When demons herself.” It also reads “Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού” as meaning “When the demon himself.”

As per a Wikipedia entry:

“The Greek phrase ‘Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού’ may be translated in several ways, including as ‘do what thou wilt’, a quote associated with Aleister Crowley and Thelema. Sakis Tolis contended that this was the label's translation of the Greek phrase, and a more accurate translation is ‘true to your own spirit’, which better fits the subject matter of the album. The same sentence can also be seen on Jim Morrison's tombstone, again in Greek.”

Sakis Tolis is also in the habit of wearing t-shirts with the same satanic-goat of mendes-sigil as is found on the cover of the satanic bible. He also wears shirts which display the Greek letters Chi Xi Stigma which are the numerical equivalent of 600, 60 and 6; on the shirts 666 reads as XΕΣ and χες in another style of Greek. χες looks like sex spelled backwards which may be why our pop-occulture is so sex obsessed.


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