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Aleister Crowley’s influence on Ciara

Aleister Crowley’s influence on Ciara
Aleister Crowley’s influence on Ciara
Fair use, to illustrate article's context.

Having written much about Aleister Crowley and his influence upon pop-occulture, we will, herein, continue considering personage who have looked to the to mega therion / the great beast for inspiration. Find our previous articles on Crowley here—which range from L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology to Damien Echols (of the West Memphis Three-WM3 murders infamy) and much, much more.

The following is translated from Paolo Baroni’s Italian site, “Tutti Pazzi Per Crowley [Something about Crowley],” Centro Sangiorgio, December 27, 2013 AD.


“Ciara (full name Ciara Princess Harris), is a singer, dancer, actress and model” in the video for Super Turnt Up, she can be seen wearing a jacket with very large letters which read, “XIV Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn”:

“Many will know, the ‘Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn’ was a secret society founded in Britain in 1887 of which Aleister Crowley was a onetime influential member and leader. On the same jacket appear [other] words used in ceremonial magic practiced in the Golden Dawn…In addition, you can also see the name of the Greek goddess Sophia (which in Greek means ‘Wisdom’)…The Roman numeral ‘XIV’ stands for the fourteenth major arcana of the Tarot, Temperance. In the Golden Dawn Tarot, each had a correspondence in daily practice…

She also can be seen wearing a shirt with a crowned goat, aka Baphomet or the Goat of Mendes, on it. She is also one in a long line that encourage youth to engage in unmarried sex with as many sexual partners de jour as possible. They often do this under the thin guise of combining “love” and “magick” when they really mean “sex” and “magick.”

Consider the song corroborated upon by Ciara and Justin Timberlake which it titled, “Love Sex Magic”:

“1, 2, 3 Go / Ciara / Sex / Ciara/ Here we go, talk to 'em / Ya touch is so magic to me / Stangest things can happen…I wanna do something you can't imagine / Imagine, if it was a million me's talking sexy to ya like that…Baby show me, show me, / What's your favorite trick that you wanna use on me / And I'll volunteer...Doin' tricks you never seen / And I bet that I can make ya believe…Cause you know that I can make you believe / In love and sex and magic…”

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have an album and song titled, “Blood Sugar Sex Magic”:

“…Step into a heaven where I keep it on the soul side / Girl please me, be my soul bride / Every women has a piece of Aphrodite / Copulate to create a state of sexual light…I mingle with the Gods, I mingle with divinity

Blood sugar baby / She's magik / Sex magik, sex magik / Dimensions to discover in time / Each into the other, uncontrollable notes…”

More recently, Bruno Mars performed at the Superbowl (with the Red Hot Chili Peppers) and sang, during a family-time-event the song, “Locked Out of Heaven”:

“…swimming in your water is something spiritual / I'm born again every time you spend the night / Cause your sex takes me to paradise…Cause you make me feel like, I've been locked out of heaven / For too long, For too long…You bring me to my knees / You make me testify / You can make a sinner change his ways / Open up your gates cause I can't wait to see the light / And right there is where I wanna stay…Can't I just stay here / Spend the rest of my days here.”

See our previous article Sex magick in pop-occulture (and the Superbowl) to see how Ciara plays right into the promulgation of sex magick.


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