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Alec Baldwin says goodbye to the public eye

Alec Baldwin
Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Oh say it ain't so, Alec, please. Alec Baldwin who has graced us with his humor, honesty and ever charming animated temperament through the years recently posted through that he is promising to leave the spotlight. What would a life be without Alec Baldwin? It's a scary thought and more than anything it would be one that is far less entertaining.

A hole in showbiz that would surely follow the exit of Alec Baldwin will have nothing to do with any negative public mishaps over the past couple of years, it would be because he is an extremely talented actor and naturally gifted funny man. His presence alone on "Saturday Night Live" generates an energy and excitement that is so palpable it shoots right through your TV screen. Baldwin has hosted "Saturday Night Live" 16 times and he is a comical beast at it every time, instantly making any sketch he is in funnier. Some of Baldwin's most admired skits are with SNL great, Jan Hooks, but factor in any cast member through the seasons that he's performed with, Adam Sandler, Ana Gasteyer, Will Ferrell or Bill Hader, and Baldwin creates an immediate connection every time.

Baldwin's role on the TV sitcom, "30 Rock," along with comedian, Tracy Morgan, bar none catapulted the show to become one of the best television comedies of all time. Baldwin's portrayal of character Jack Donaghy, network executive, is played flawlessly, with equal parts of grace and insensitivity, and nothing short of perfect comedic timing. Donaghy's air of superiority brilliantly interacts with his menial staff, such as Tina Fey's character of the geeky Liz Lemon. The relationships go from a level of dominance to friendship and respect, peeling off the rough exterior of Donaghy one laugh at a time, making him a lovable and memorable character. His performance gained him critical acclaim, winning two Emmy's, three Golden Globe's, and seven SAG awards.

Baldwin not only thrives in the comedy realm but he is just as accomplished in dramatic roles. Most recently he starred opposite Cate Blanchett in the Academy Award nominated film, "Blue Jasmine," about a rich socialite (Blanchett) who falls to poverty after husband and wealthy businessman (Baldwin) leaves her flat broke, with Baldwin giving way to an exact performance of the smarmy character.

In Baldwin's open letter he reveals that he is outgrowing his New York City life that was once a more friendly and private interaction with the public and he is considering making the jump to the West Coast. He expresses that he doesn't want to be "Mr. Show Business" anymore and would like to go back to being an actor. So it's not goodbye completely, Baldwin is not throwing in the towel, succumbing, maybe, to a quieter lifestyle behind the large gates of Beverly Hills and I say welcome. Either way Alec, we're hoping to see you somewhere, on any screen, big or small.

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