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Alec Baldwin retires from life

I've had it
Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Alec Baldwin announced earlier that he would be retiring from public life. He states he will continue acting but no longer wants to be in the scrutiny of the public eyes. Baldwin in an open letter to wrote, “I’ve had a relatively charmed life. I loved to be out in the city. New York was my town. I’ve had people come up to me and say, “You’re a great New Yorker. You’ve given your time and money to so many New York charities. You’re a great supporter of the arts. I like some of your movies—and some of your movies suck, actually.” (It’s New York, so people give you their unvarnished opinion.) But people in general had been very kind to me for years.

And then, last November, everything changed.” You can read the rest of the letter here. Baldwin continues saying how much he enjoyed New York and now everything has changed. Everyone has a camera in their pocket and video “vultures” are everywhere. He says that photographers and videographers have turned predatory.

Baldwin’s letter is passionate, honest and frank. Baldwin will still continue acting perhaps he just means to limit his outings because “big brother” is everywhere. Disappearing right now would be near impossible. Baldwin co-starred in the heavily Oscar nominated “Blue Jasmine”. The Oscars are right around the corner.

According to MTV earlier this month Baldwin signed off to star in “Torrente 5”. He also has a role in the upcoming Cameron Crow project. He is also set to appear in the noir thriller “Caught Stealing”.

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