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Alec Baldwin arrested in New York for riding his bike the wrong direction

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin
Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images

In shocking news today, Alec Baldwin was arrested today in New York City. On Tuesday, In Touch Weekly shared the news and a picture of him in handcuffs on the street. Alec was taken into custody but the reason is a bit surprising. This actor from "30 Rock" was arrested for riding his back the wrong direction.

Reports are that Alec was riding his bike and was going in the wrong direction. The police stopped him and he did not have ID on him. Because of this, he was taken into custody and arrested. The picture shows him very calm with handcuffs on and headed to jail. It is unknown what he is going to be charged with.

Baldwin appeared to be very calm and taking the news okay. One person that saw it all go down did report that he was very upset at one time though and yelling at the police. This story is still developing due to the news just coming out. Hopefully this can all be cleared up quickly for Alec Baldwin.

TMZ shared a bit more information about this arrest. They said that Alec was by himself while biking and did not have his wife with him. He was on Fifth Avenue and was just out to get some exercise and wasn't going anywhere. He is known in NYC and is seen out all of the time. It is pretty shocking surprising that he was arrested for not having his ID on him while riding his bicycle the wrong direction. He will be more careful next time he is out and about.

At this time, Alec Baldwin has been taken down to the police station in handcuffs. They will then sort out everything and decide if he will be charged and what charges they will be. More information will continue to come out as the day goes on.