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Alec Baldwin and the Paparazzi: No harm done this round

Alec Baldwin gets in another "almost" scuffle with the law
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

According to the New York Post on Sept. 1, Alec Baldwin and the paparazzi had another go at it. The actor attempted to wrestle with a photographer by a playground where his family was trying to relax. Thanks to the photographer, however, no harm was done this round.

Baldwin, wife Hilaria and one-year-old daughter Carmen were at the playground near Herrick Park when freelancer Matt Agudo began clicking away. Baldwin grabbed his shirt and tried to put him into a headlock.

By the time police came, Agudo had decided not to press charges. He accepted a handshake and apology from Baldwin instead. Why?

The abused photographer felt sorry for Baldwin as he is still dealing with a May 13 arrest for scuffling with police who stopped him from riding his bicycle the wrong way on Fifth Avenue. Baldwin was given a conditional discharge that will not be completed until January 15.

“I didn’t want him to go to jail and be away from his daughter,” Agudo said. “I know he loves her a lot.”

A friend said, “Alec defended his family.” That brings up the thorny issue of how much privacy are you entitled to when you are an actor or otherwise in the public eye.

He wasn’t on a publicity campaign for a movie or a TV show. He was simply on an outing with his family. Is this the price of fame? What about the family? They're not in the celebrity spotlight.

These are questions that won’t be answered any time soon. As long as people want to look at the photographs and the paparazzi can sell them for a goodly price, it’s going to keep on happening.

In any case, Alec Baldwin and the paparazzi are going to have to come to an understanding and he will have to learn to keep his temper a bit more under control. Yes, he was defending his family, but does that give him the right to resort to physical violence?

What do you think? If you have a possible solution for this common celebrity dilemma, leave a comment and let me know.

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