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Ale Egg now available to the public, get a kit today!

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Fishing egg patterns is a highly productive way to catch trout, yet it draws some criticism. As far as this writer is concerned, fly fishing is all about matching the hatch and if eggs are in the water and fish are keying in on them, then by all means, throw an egg pattern and enjoy the quick results. Should you have access to a tying vise and imagination like Lee Novotny of Lakewood, Colorado, you can create an egg pattern of your own. Lee has just gone commercial with his, details below!

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I had the opportunity to fish with Lee on some prime water in Colorado. I met Lee early in the morning and soon found ourselves "wading" through snow drifts on our way to a beautiful spot. We had rigged with his creation, Ale Eggs. He put on a pink and red egg while I tied on a red and apricot pattern.

The first pool Lee drifted his fly in yielded three takes with rainbows running 18 to 21 inches. Not a bad showing considering Lee had built up his egg and we had spent about four months planning a day to test his pattern. After a few quick photos I shifted in position and took the lead on the next pool as the river dumped into a small pond. The deep rifle produced an 18-inch rainbow on the second drift. The patterns worked all day until weather forced us to call it a day.

Yes, I'm sold on Lee's egg pattern and happy to say we will now see it in production through Stream Speed Products, Lee's new venture. Check the kit out on EBay for starters. If you like this story, click on the subscribe button to receive more like it for free.