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Aldi Food Market in Saginaw Now Open

Aldi supermarket in Saginaw is now open. It's set up a bit differently than most stores you might visit.

The carts require a quarter deposit. You insert a quarter, and then when u return the basket, you get the quarter back.

Upon entering, you'll notice it's not a 'shelf' system, but more like a warehouse.

They are currently giving away 2 free plastic bags, if you require additional, you will pay .06 cents per paper sack. And after they check you out, you will proceed to the counters and bag your own groceries. This helps keep the costs down.

Here are current specials running:

1 Dozen eggs .49 cents

Pineapples .99 cents each

Asst. Chocolates at asst. prices

Tonys' original pizza $1.99 ea.

Starburst or Skittles $2.25 ea.

Friendly Farms Rice or Tapioca Pudding $1.99 ea.

Bumble Bee Sensations ready to eat tuna salad kits $1.19 ea.

Sundae Soppe Mini Ice Cream Squares $1.99 ea.

Grandessa Signature Ice Cream Miniatures $2.49 ea.

Little Salad Bar Fiesta Layer Dip $2.99 ea.

Sea Queen Marinated Shrimp or Salmon Skewers $3.99 ea.

and more. Check out current flyer in-store.



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