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Alcove: Gainesville's quality beer bar

the entrance to Alcove on south Main St.
the entrance to Alcove on south Main St.
Alcove's Facebook album

There is a growing contingency of discerning beer drinkers in Gainesville. These are the people that perhaps once settled for Amstel Light or worse but now prefer (and know about) Chimay Grand Reserve or better. Stubbies and Steins may have spent years preparing the palates of these drinkers, but now there is another purveyor of quality on Gainesville’s beer stage: Alcove.

It’s a cozy bar nestled between two somewhat crappy places on south Main Street. It is rather small, and it’s easy to walk by the place without ever noticing it. But once inside, patrons will be surprised at how well Alcove is designed. It is wildly aesthetically pleasing—brick walls, beautiful stained glass work, and a wonderfully crafted bar. The excellent selection of art on the walls is perfectly complimented by the excellent selection of beer behind the bar: there are about 60 readily available in my estimation (the wine selection isn't bad either). The tap selection is rotating regularly with increasingly high quality beer as can be evidenced by one of Alcove’s recent Facebook status updates: “On TAP: Delirium Tremens, Erie Smoked Railbender, Sweetwater Motorboat, Anderson Valley Poleeko Gold Pale Ale, Rogue Chocolate Stout”

Not only can drinkers be confident that their beer experience at Alcove will be superior, but they can also rest assured that the music (often a local DJ) will be fantastic, and the service will be helpful and friendly.

Since Alcove is a bit small, it’s important to arrive early because the place does fill up. Friends arriving to a full Alcove will have to wait outside and enjoy the beautiful Gainesville weather until there’s room enough to enter.

For more information visit: Alcove's website, their Facebook,  Alcove on twitter, Beer Advocate page


  • Mark Purick 5 years ago

    Great review. Definitely a sweet beer bar. I love the Alba.