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Alcoholic energy drinks respond: Four Loko reach out to colleges


  • Jordan Thompson 5 years ago

    This product is very useful. I use this on the weekends to give to young naive college girls. This beverage will allow them to make very poor decisions, usually ending up in my bedroom.

  • jordan 5 years ago

    @ Jordan...GROW UP!

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    yeah right they want to curb underage drinking and teach responsible drinking. The entire concept of 4 beers and 10 coffees in a pretty designed can promotes that very thing, appealing to young, fearless college kids to get wasted in a very short time looking like a "cool" energy drink...I watched a kid almost die, when he passed out and began puking on his back 25 minutes after consuming two..and had he aspirated it, he could've died. It is a crime that they were allowed to even make this shit, wake tf up people, alcohol is a DRUG, a depressant of the nervous system, this is BS that they are selling this crap, at least with whiskey, you know what you are drinking, these kool-aid, and lemonade and raspberry drinks go down way too fast, putting young lives at risk, risky behaviors, unwanted pregnancy, driving drunk. etc.

  • Downtown 5 years ago

    I doubt it...So there are 5 beers in a can you saw a kid drink 2 and end up on his back. thats just 8 beers nobody is on there back after 8 beers. You also talk about how bad alcohol is I doubt you would put yourself in a situation with people drinking so the story sounds made up to me... also be reasonable people need to take responsibility for there own actions not outlaw everything

  • Jamie 5 years ago

    wow 10 cups of coffee huh... maybe you should actually get some facts before you go out and speak about something you have NO idea about... just a thought. The fact that the producer of this product is getting so much crap is UNREAL... if you are not responsible enough to drink then DON'T drink. END OF STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bob 5 years ago

    10 coffees ? There is nowhere near that amount of caffeine in these drinks. In fact the caffeine content is not even listed and as far as I know they are not telling anyone how much caffeine is in these which means you are talking out your rear. By the way I have a huge bottle of Vodka which has over 100 beers worth of alcohol in it. If some idiot decides to chug it they get what they deserve.

  • Jamie 5 years ago

    ps... @ Downtown... MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!!!!!

  • onna 5 years ago

    four loko only has 80 gm of caffeine in it and 12% alcohol in it and i read thet the kids geting sick were drinking rum, vodca and beer with it. grow up and stop blaming the four loko and blame your self.

  • Ajax the Great 5 years ago

    80 GRAMS of caffeine? Now THAT's a lot! Don't you mean milligrams (mg)?

    While they don't disclose the amount, the company says it is comparable to a Starbucks Tall Coffee (12 oz), which has about 260 mg of caffeine. A normal 5-6 oz cup of typical coffee is about 80-100 mg.

  • 420 hp 5 years ago

    this is why they should legalize pot

  • Tightass 5 years ago

    Four Loko is Great stuff !! Six shots of 80prof liquor a couple strong cups of coffee in one big can. It's sweet and tastes good. I can do simple math that I learned by 4th Grade and know how much alcohol that I am drinking. I can take 1 can of Four to a party, poor it over ice and sip on it all night for $1.99. I usually make my own homemade hard apple cider-wine at about 12-13%. this stuff costs very little more with much less effort.
    Note to government ! Stop protecting people from themselves !
    Someone in college who can't do 4th Grade math shows me more of a problem with the public school system an poor parenting than it does with Four Loko !

  • gimme a break 5 years ago

    cry me a flippn river. do guns kill people or do people kill people? banning the product wont stop the problem (excessive irresponsible drinking). and if you really wanted some caffeine with your alcohol, you just need a red bull or similar energy drink and a bottle of vodka. good grief, people are up in arms but really have no idea what they are talking about. the problem is not the drink itself, its the idiots that dont know their limits.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    ever heard of a Jäger bomb?

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