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Alcohol drinking age exception for select college students under age 21

California May Loosen Alcohol Laws For Underage Students

The legal drinking age for the consumption of alcohol in the U.S., is age-21. A newly proposed bill in California, aims to legalize a sanction to the legal age restriction.

According to a March 4, updated report by the Huffington Post, the University of California is backing the bill proposed by Assembly member Wesley Chesbro (D).

The bill would allow brewing, viticulture and oenology students special tasting privileges, for alcohol based beer and wine made by the students, as part of their course work.

The university's position is that wine tasting and beer tasting is an integral part of the process to perfect the taste and quality of the products made by the students. Additionally, the student's ability to develop their palate through wine tasting, will make them more employable in the very competitive job market.

Reportedly 12 other states have successfully passed similar laws, giving those states an advantage in attracting students. UC Davis, Sonoma State and Fresno State universities, offer an oenology program and viticulture studies.

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