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Alcohol and Drug use in Oil City, Pa

Venango County Prison
Venango County Prison

Drugs and alcohol; the scourge of the US. Together; these two substances account for a large amount of deaths, injuries, abuses, and crime around the globe. In the US these substances have extracted a huge toll on our communities; and continue to do so at an ever increasing rate.

As of 2009 according to an online poll by US Drug, an estimated 17,758 people lived in Oil City, Pennsylvania; today there are at last estimation approximately 10.5 thousand people living in Oil City.

According to a continuously updated poll conducted by US Drug; as of May 30, 2014; 86% of Oil City respondents say they do not use illegal drugs or alcohol while 14% say they do. In comparison; 98% of those responding say they have not used illegal drugs or alcohol in the past while 2% say they have. These numbers are not really that bad; considering that much talk in the area would have one believe that Oil City is the drug and alcohol hot spot of Venango County, Pa. If you go by these numbers; that would not seem to be the case, but let’s look further at this poll and see what the results tell us.

Of those responding to the poll as of May 30, 2014; 75% say they know someone in Oil City who uses Marijuana, while only 25% say they know no one who does.

According to the poll; those who first tried illegal drugs in Oil City. 18 – 25 year olds were the highest number at 50% on May 30, 2014. Following that group in order from highest to lowest were: those age 26 – 35 = 14%, 50 plus = 6%, 36 thru 50 = 5%, and finally those under 18 at 2%. 23% say they never used illegal drugs.

According to these numbers; you would think that medical Marijuana would only be favored by the younger group consisting of 18 – 25 year olds. But taking another look at the poll for May of 2014 shows that a full 70% of those who responded from Oil City agree with the use of Marijuana for medical purposes and only 30% do not.

What about harder drugs though? What does the poll tell us about those? 57% of respondents say they believe that Cocaine has become a common drug problem in Oil City, and 78% feel that Meth use is on the rise in Oil City. That is a shocking picture of illegal drug use in Oil City; but what about prescription drug abuse (Drugs that are legally prescribed)? A whopping 96% of respondents feel that Prescription drug abuse in Oil City is now a growing threat.

Of those responding to the poll; three quarters of respondents say they believe rehabilitation services at one of the local facilities is the best way to handle a dependency problem.

Every year, there are over 74K alcohol-related deaths that costs over $183 Billion annually in the US. It is essential to find alcohol or drug recovery programs for the individuals in Oil City, Pennsylvania abusing or addicted to alcohol and/or drugs, as this number is growing each year.

Some of the agencies in and around Oil City where you or a loved one can receive help in recovering from Alcohol and/or Drug addiction are:

Family Services and Childrens aid society

716 E second Street

Oil City, Pa 16301


Venango County Substance Abuse

1 Dale Ave

Franklin, PA 16323

(814) 432-9744


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