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Alcohol and beer remains good for a healthy heart


Drink two beers, get rest and eat healthy.  An apple a day wouldn't hurt either.  No
beer/alcohol at all puts some people at greater risk of heart disease.  Photo
courtesy of the American Homebrewers Association

Alcohol and beer remains good for a healthy heart.  We already knew this (see: Top Doc explains alcohol, heart disease and health benefits) but Dr. Klatsky and his colleagues continue to stack the deck in favor of beer as part of a healthy lifestyle.

A search of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology reveals several recent studies related to Alcohol consumption and cardiovascular mortality.  Recall, beer has alcohol. Research continues to reveal that moderate consumption of alcohol whether it is in wine or beer (those are the two beverages often cited in related stories) will reduce the risk of coronary heart disease when compared to the lifestyles of binge drinkers and non-drinkers of alcoholic beverages. 

One report emerging from the Catholic University of Campobasso, Italy cites Giovanni de Gaetano, Director of the Research Laboratories, "…we do believe that teetotallers, either healthy or ill, should not start drinking with the aim to earn more health. Our study, as those conducted by our group in the past, is not a kind of invitation to start drinking, but the recognition of a particular lifestyle. This time we need to be cautious since we deal with sick people. We recommend to them to discuss with their own doctor the best choice in terms of alcoholic beverage consumption."

Beer Marketers Insights, Benjamin Steinman cites one of the studies “…is one of largest, longest and best designed in yrs. Reviewed records of nearly 250K Americans over 13 yrs. Key findings: Moderate drinkers (3-7 drinks/week for women, 3-14 for men) had 33% reduced risk of coronary heart disease death compared to nondrinkers. Moderate drinkers also had 24% reduced risk for stroke death.”

According to a report in Science Daily, Simona Costanzo, epidemiologist and first author of one of the studies states, “We observed that regular and moderate consumption has beneficial effects even for people already affected by heart attack, or stroke. Not only they are less likely to be affected by similar diseases again, but all-cause mortality too resulted to be lower than in those who did not consume any alcoholic beverage.  Risk reduction is about 20%. This means that one event out of five can be spared. It is a huge advantage, comparable to the one already recorded for healthy individuals."

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