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Alcohol - a pursuit of happiness?

When you see the alcohol ads in neon lights, it sets the scene for the good times about to begin.
When you see the alcohol ads in neon lights, it sets the scene for the good times about to begin.

“…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…”

When the Declaration of Independence declared to the world the existence of our country on July 4, 1776, this was among its famous first phrases. In our pursuit of happiness, Americans have always sought for freedoms the world over has been denied. One of our successes came through the changes brought about by the people when one law threatened what was to become a vital part of our culture – alcohol.

The United States Constitution became the law representing the United States of America’s federal government on September 17, 1787. Throughout its 222 years in service, it has been amended 27 times. One of the most infamous amendments in our history has been the 18th amendment, which banned the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol from January 16, 1919, through December 5, 1933. Interestingly, it never actually banned the consumption of alcohol and many stories in our history exist in the secret files of our ancestors.

On January 29, 1919, the 18th amendment was ratified to include only drinks with 40% alcohol or more, which was accepted by many citizens who just wanted the chance to drink with food, with family, and with friends.  Unfortunately, this plan backfired when another ratification took place in October 1919, when it included drinks with 0.5% alcohol or more, an amount that would make many current over-the-counter medications illegal! Strangely enough, the first ratification actually went into effect on January 29, 1920, three months after the second ratification effectively canceled it. This time in history was a period in which modern day America will keep in its past forever. In our day, alcohol is a drink, which when consumed by its responsible citizens, can be used with celebrations, for medicinal purposes, and for the fans of our sports teams. For some it’s the spice of our meals!

Mobile, Alabama, like many other cities in the South, is the hometown for many college football fans. In many of its bars, there has to be a place to watch the games. It may even be law here someday – if it isn’t already. In the interim, places like San Miguel Hacienda House of Tequila appeal to those desiring to responsibly exercise their freedom to drink, eat, watch sports, and enjoy musical entertainment. Today in history, January 29, 2010, 90 years after a time of prohibition, is a time to remember that drinking is a privilege that has evolved into a part of our culture which will be a part of the milestones in life of Americans for generations.


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