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Alcatraz ghost: Proof that Alcatraz is haunted? Photo of 'ghost' caught on film

Alcatraz ghost allegedly found during tourist's picture
Alcatraz ghost allegedly found during tourist's picture
Twitter Screen Shot, TheNeeds

An Alcatraz ghost photo is bringing lovers of the supernatural out of the woodwork this week, as one British tourist is saying that she recently captured on camera a real life picture of a phantom spirit. Is this proof that Alcatraz is indeed haunted by the souls of past inmates who were sent to prison, others who visited them, and still others who died there? Not quite, but United Press International News does share the compelling photo that’s drawing such attention this Thursday, June 19, 2014, which was unexpectedly snapped in a film shot.

Sheila Sillery-Walsh said that she was excited to travel to the US and visit the often talked about Alcatraz prison off the west coast of California this June. Little did she know that an alleged Alcatraz ghost is what she would capture in one of her photos instead of simply a prison cell. The UK woman believes that she caught a real shot of a living — or not so much — spirit within one of the visitation waiting rooms of several former inmates.

In Sillery-Walsh’s opinion, what she managed to capture on her capture film is a real ghost. The woman can be seen in the now viral photo to be inside Alcatraz and looking through a window situated toward a top of a metal door, with a shadowy figure within. According to her the tourist’s statement:

"When I glanced at the photo on my mobile, I saw this dark female figure in the picture. I looked at the window again and there was no one in the room," Sillery-Walsh told the Daily Mail. "From that point onwards, I wasn't interested in the Alcatraz tour anymore. I just kept looking at the picture over and over again."

The Huffington Post shares that it seems taking this frightening photo was proof enough for Sillery-Walsh that the old prison holding center of Alcatraz might be haunted. Since she managed to take the compelling image, the British tourist says that she is talking to current guards and former staff employees about whom the mysterious figure — which looks like a woman — might be. She has had no luck finding any significant answers to her supernatural quest so far, however.

"I am so curious to know who she could be though -- perhaps she was a female visitor of a prisoner who kept returning back," Sillery-Walsh said. "I would love to know why she's shown herself in my photo."

Not everyone believes that what the tourist sees in the shadowy picture is actually a ghost, possibly one that either visited or spent time in Alcatraz prison. One such guard, George DeVincenzi — who used to work as prison personnel at the isolated island — said that he does not believe in ghosts. Instead, he thinks that it might have just been shadows on the wall casting the strange image that looks like a phantom or spirit of some kind.

"Personally I don't believe in ghosts," he asserted.

What do you think of the Alcatraz ghost photo? Do you see something in the picture, or do you agree with DeVincenzi’s more rational conclusion this week? Is it possible any proof of Alcatraz being haunted may one day be found? Either way, suffice to say that Sillery-Walsh’s interesting capture on camera film is something that is certainly spooky to look at for too long.

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