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Alcatraz ghost photo: Ghost of a woman at Alcatraz eerie find for men's prison

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The ghost of a woman captured in a photo at Alcatraz is the latest mystery coming off the island of rocks that once housed some of history's most notorious prisoners. A British couple visiting the U.S. took the popular tour of the former Alcatraz prison and the picture they captured is baffling because the prison housed men, not women, according to the Huffington Post on June 18.

Shelia Sillery-Walsh, 48, and her partner Paul Rice, 50, hail from Birmingham, U.K. and they captured this ghostly picture of a woman, who is seemingly from another era. The ghosts of Alcatraz have been a infatuation with ghost hunters and ghost enthusiasts for years, but up until now reports of spirit hauntings on "the rock" have all been of men.

So who is this woman sporting a hairdo that resembles the popular fashions of mid-last-century? Was she a woman who visited her soul mate at Alcatraz when she was alive and possibly still doing this in death? Sillery-Walsh said as soon as she entered the notorious Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary she had an eerie feeling.

The tourists from the U.K. were shocked when they snapped this picture with a cell phone. As soon as Sillery-Walsh saw the woman's image on her cell phone screen she looked back up, but no one was there. Apparently this ghost woman could not be seen by the naked eye.

The British tourist took the photo to the staff at Alcatraz, but no one knew anything about a woman ghost or could even venture a guess of who she might be. Was this a hoax on the part of Sillery-Walsh and Rice?

Probably not, they are just regular folks who came to the U.S. as tourists. Sillery-Walsh is a teacher's assistant and Rice is a school-site manager just enjoying a vacation, according to Metro today.

It is not as if they went home and conjured up this tale, Sillery-Walsh was so excited about the picture while at Alcatraz, that she showed the tour guides and other staff at the prison what she had just captured on her cell phone.

The woman's ghost is staring right at the camera, as if she knew she was about to have her picture taken. The U.K. tourist would love to find out who this woman is and she would also like to know why this woman chose to show herself in this picture.

Some are claiming this is Sillery-Walsh's reflection, but that doesn't seem possible. Rice said the woman's "clothing is from a different era, it looks like she's from 1930s or '40s." She looks nothing like the British tourist who snapped the picture. Is this a woman's ghost, a reflection or a hoax, what do you think?