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Alcatraz ghost: Does picture prove a real ghostly sighting?

An Alcatraz ghost is said to be lurking around the now non-working famous federal prison on an island off San Francisco Bay. Huffington Post reports that a British tourist snapped a picture of the ghost that revealed someone in clothing from a different time period. Sheila Sillery-Walsh says the woman she saw during a tour at Alcatraz was a ghost. When she noticed the woman in her photo, she wasn't interested in the tour anymore. Sillery-Walsh kept studying the photo.

Alcatraz was an operating prison from 1934 until 1963.

The tourist showed the picture she took of the alleged Alcatraz ghost to her companion, Paul Rice. He was just as "baffled" by the woman he saw in the picture as Sillery-Walsh was. The supposed ghost was staring straight back at the camera. Rice admits he used to be skeptical about ghosts, but he's more of a believer now.

According to the report, the old prison is a popular tourist destination for paranormal fans. Alcatraz is open for night tours and has been on the SyFy TV show, "Ghost Hunters." Park officials insist there are not ghosts on the San Francisco Bay island.

SF Gate also reports that Alcatraz is not haunted. In fact, a FAQ on the Alcatraz Cruises' website indicates that there's "no authenticated cases of ghost sightings by any of Alcatraz’s residents over the years, whether they were soldiers, prisoners, correctional officers, family members or park rangers."

Do you believe the photo that Sillery-Walsh took was that of an Alcatraz ghost?

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