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Albuquerque writer elected president Sister in Crime Internet Chapter

Albuquerque writer Mary O'Gara is the new president of the Sisters in Crime Internet chapter, an online chapter of Sisters in Crime, the international organization for readers and writers of mysteries and crime fiction.  

Sara Paretsky convened Sisters in Crime in 1986 with a mession "to promote the professional development and advancement of women crime writers to achieve equality in the industry."  Membership has always been open to both men and women interested in the mystery-crime genres.  

O'Gara has been a member of Sisters in Crime since the early 1990s, and was a member of the Internet Chapter's steering committee when it moved from being a Genie bulletin board to a full website on the internet.  

O'Gara remembers fondly being questioned by a lawyer on voir dire for a federal jury.  The lawyer, who didn't seem familiar with the idea of women writing crime fiction, was primarily worried about what kinds of crimes the author and her "sisters" committed or supported.   

The correct answer is "Any crime between the covers of a book," O'Gara says.   Today's members of Sisters in Crime and the Internet Chapter span all genres from thrillers to cozies and futuristic mysteries.

O'Gara is the author of short fiction published in Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine  and in two anthologies, Just in Time from eWings Press and The Trouble with Romance from Trebleheart.   The Trouble with Romance was a New Mexico Book Awards finalist.

"Even my poetry seems to have a crime theme," O'Gara says.  Her poem "Memories of a Burning" is about the execution of a witch and was published first in Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine and then in a national book of healing poems published by the National Association for Poetry Therapy.  The poem later appeared in a special issue of Crescent Magazine online about the years of the witch trials and executions.

O'Gara is the Albuquerque Writing Examiner


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