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Albuquerque’s Paseo del Bosque Trail is a premier multi-use trail

Wetland area
Wetland area
Suzanna Chavez

Albuquerque is commonly among the fittest cities in the United States and with a multi-use trail like the Paseo del Bosque Trail it is no wonder that it is. The trail spans about 16 miles between the metro’s north and south sides. Along the paved trail are many beautiful sights from the Rio Grande River to the Cottonwood Forest to public art.

Since the trail is a multi-use trail one may come across runners, walkers, in-line skaters, cyclists, families with strollers, and/or equestrians. Trail-users should be courteous to others and those who bring their dogs along should ensure picking up after them and keeping them on a leash as defined by law.

Bring a camera to capture local artist’s sculptures and carvings, the natural landscapes, and wildlife such as various breeds of ducks and geese or just take it all in while breathing in the fresh air. The trail is open to visitors from approximately sunrise to sunset each day of the year.