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Albuquerque robber shaves, arrested: Con showers, shaves in front of 94-year-old

Arrested! Albuquerque robbers sure are concerned about their looks. Talk about a close shave. Too close in fact, for one Albuquerque robber.

Albuquerque robber shaves, arrested: Con showers, shaves in front of 94-year-old
Shaving / Wikimedia Commons

The unwanted houseguest's shower, shave and bathroom routine – all performed in front of a bewildered 94-year-old man – led to his arrest. The lunatic voyeur was nabbed by New Mexico police after his break-in and wash-up routine left behind a slew of fingerprints, and one stunned elderly man who was able to provide quite the um, description of the perp’s features.

Writes The Associated Press, via Yahoo News: “According to a criminal complaint, [43-year-old Rudy] Chavez held Glen Miller at gunpoint while Chavez showered, shaved, dressed in Miller's clothes, and then left with Miller's car, television and cash. The complaint says Chavez told Miller he was committing the robbery because he had just been released from prison and couldn't find work.”

At least he gave the old chap an explanation before he soaped up, toweled off and made off with all of the elderly man's things.

Chavez is being held on a $100,000 bond for his Aug. 13 rude awakening. According to police reports, Miller, awakened in his sleep by Chavez, was dragged by the assailant through various rooms, under gunpoint, while Chavez looked for things to steal. At one point, Chavez attacked Miller, bruising him up when the older man went to grab his phone to call police.

Fortunately, Chavez left his prints all over the house, aiding police and helping them to nab the crook, who is most certainly on his way back to prison.

“It certainly benefited us in this case. It gave us an enhanced opportunity to identify him and subsequently arrest him,” Lt. Paul Szych of the Albuquerque Police Department said. “That was a key component to the case.”

Chavez was booked under charges of kidnapping, robbery, larceny, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and unlawful taking of a motor vehicle in connection with a robbery.

The 43-year-old Albuquerque robber definitely is not making any top ten super-criminal lists anytime soon. Hygienic and clean yes, but smart? Nah.

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