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Albuquerque music venues: The Launchpad

Outside of Launchpad
Outside of Launchpad

From the outside, The Launchpad looks like a flashy disco club. The first thing you notice upon entering, however, is that there isn’t a disco ball in sight.

With its dingy lighting and slightly cramped floor space this place feels like a dungeon, although seeing as this is a top metal venue were talking about the mood fits perfectly. Sitting around waiting for bands to play is always a pain in any venue (made better by the dungeon-esque environment) but hearing bands play in here is well worth the wait.

The live sound of The Launchpad is unbelievable, which is probably why it has won the award for “Best Venue to Hear Live Music” from both Alibi and the Daily Lobo every year since 1998. The acoustics are spectacular and is an advantage of being smaller than other venues.

Many huge bands have played here, with names like Gojira and Russian Circles, but for the most part this is is a local band venue. New and upcoming artists always have a shot of playing, just send in a demo and they will most likely book you.

The Launchpad also has a separate bar for the over 21 crowd but you need an ID to get back there, so sorry to any younger kids attending you aren’t getting any booze!