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Albums To Watch For: Phil Beaudreau, 'Ether'


The phrase, "multi-talented" is thrown around quite a bit in music, but when referring to Phil Beaudreau it's an understatement.

Beaudreau, who was already proficient on the violin by the time he was four, has already proven himself as a producer, via his work (with production partner Dawaun Parker) for artists like Dr. Dre and Eminen. Now, with his solo debut Ether, the New England native shows the world what he's capable of as an artist.

Ether fuses different genres and time periods, combining R&B and alternative sounds from the 70s with genre-bending rhythms and live instrumentation. Beaudreau also shows that he knows how to use his voice to compliment the sound he's created as he teeters back and forth between a crooner and an alternative singer.

The album's first single "Anyway" sets the tone for the sound listeners can expect. Beaudreau's skills as a composer shine through as well as the album is mixed to play from start to finish with the consistency and continuity of a feature film.

Beaudreau will hit the road in support of Ether later this year, before jumping back in the studio with Dawaun Parker to make more hits and help the duo's production company, AoE grow into a global brand.

Click here to watch Phil Beaudreau's newest video for the song "Anyway."

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