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Album review: UNI-5: The World's Enemy, by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony


  • Terry 6 years ago

    DAMN! Long but great review and I agree.

  • q12h 6 years ago

    Well said...only thing I would add is that "MY LIFE" is the ish!

  • sumterlb 6 years ago

    Definitely wrong about the song "Gone" real hot. I understand your point about bone's aggression, but these dudes havent been in the streets in a decade, more of there songs are gone to be just that vibe music and not that "nine millimeter hit that murder, it dont stop." This is the first time they all back on one album, and with this album they just harmonizing. Of course it is not the best album they've made but better than a 6.5. Bone has been able to separate themselves from other rappers because they make songs everybody can vibe to, not about benz, bentleys, mazaradi's, etc... Definitely expect better on next album, but I'd rate a 8. Verses were definitely on point, again, "Gone" was straight fire, I agree with you on "Wanna Be" it did sound very pop-ish. Interludes I agree were strange, but typical of bone, demonic interludes are there MO.

  • Haroon 6 years ago

    I agree, Been a BTNH fan since 1994...very disappointed album. There was no thuggish ruggishness in it

  • Krayzie boi 5 years ago

    This Album is so good but not that much.lyk 3 or 4 songs is cool...

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