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Album review: I'm Not a Pilot

I'm Not A Pilot live at Goose Island in Chicago.
I'm Not A Pilot live at Goose Island in Chicago.
Courtesy of the band's myspace page.

Milwaukee's very own I'm Not A Pilot, composed of brothers Matt and Mark Glatzel, Peter Thomas, and Mark Vorass, released their eponymous EP in June of 2009 and recently appeared on Radio Milwaukee's 414 Music segment. They will also perform at Linneman's River West Inn on the twelfth of February starting at 9:30 pm.

The band's earnest, piano-driven pop is reminiscent of early 2000-era outfits such as Something Corporate but, thankfully, does not fall into the same cliche quasi-emo/alt-punk vein.

Although none of the tracks blaze new trails as far as composition or execution are concerned, the talent of the individual members and their cohesiveness is apparent. Of special note are Mark Glatzel's impassioned, breathy, emotive voice and its dynamic range, which lends itself equally well to both the ballad-esque "Wait Here" and more frenetically paced "Mausoleum". Peter Thomas' cello work also blend with and compliment the vocals and piano and add an airiness or ominousness to each track rather than being overbearing.

The track list is as follows:

  1. No Heart
  2. Wait Here
  3. Mausoleum
  4. If You Want
  5. Disappear

Although the allure of the album begins to fade with the third and fourth songs, "Disappear" closes the album on a high note.


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